No Confirmation Email from Gravatar - figured out

Last Update: December 19, 2016

I have been stuck! For several days I have tried numerous things to get a confirmation from Gravatar for the email associated with my website. It has been sooo frustrating! Today I finally found the right training here on WA. It actually wasn't the training but a comment from someone that cleared up the problem.

To finally have my new email address associated with my Gravatar, I went to an old Gravatar I had that was not linked with WA. I logged in, added my new email, got a confirmation, then I changed that email to the Primary email for that Gravatar. Whew! I'm glad I stuck with it and didn't give up.

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Dana888 Premium
Huh? Ready to give up on this site and the mass of difficulties.
MKearns Premium
Some things are not accomplished by research but by good old fashioned experimentation. Great move Elisa!
jtaienao Premium
You just proved that persistence pays off Elisa. Good job on getting this solved.

Toshmack Premium
Well done to you :)