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March 04, 2017
I have achieved the position of being Ranked 200 in the WA community today, 4 months after returning!It is a pleasure to serve and help others!Thank you for the opportunity to do so WA!
January 09, 2017
Is activating SiteSSL (HTTPS) the cause of my inability to access my Site Email inbox?Has anyone else encountered this?I refer to the Site SSL because the issue 1. Started soon after I switched it on last night2. Note HTTPS as opposed to the http URL, as it was before the https is now deletedI am now told on the above when I try to log into my email inbox, (image is too large to include all of the message here: 'Your connection is not private' 'Attackers may be trying to steal your information
'I was born poor, so I will die poor!' 'I will believe it when I see it!' and 'It is hard to make money!'These are just 3 of the many deceptive subconscious programs that we are running below our conscious awareness. They are false, limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that we have to rid ourselves of, if we are going to build financial riches in life. WA is geared and equip to helping ALL who enter this community to build financial abundance. The only failures will be those who: 1) Refuse to cont
December 07, 2016
The Journey Is The Reward - Chinese ProverbSeptember 4th 2014 I seemingly 'stumbled' on to the blog post of an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, (Jay). He was answering the numerous questions of those making inquiries on how to find a place to learn online business. The questions were good and mirrored some that I had. His answers were extremely good and I made a note of the URL.Hours later I was a member of the WA community. This was my first online signing of this kind. It felt right, people we
December 02, 2016
I just saw the notification. I do not feel as though I fully understand the real significance of what that means. But it sounds good! ;-)Today is exactly a month since I returned to WA! To get indexed in 30 days, not bad going! To make it more amazing is the fact that I am still in Level 2 of my training!About 3 days ago I started writing blog (posts) for the very first time. Nearly everything I am doing at WA is been done for the first time.I have now reviewed 4 websites, (could have been 5 bu