Do you like chocolate?

Last Update: January 10, 2020


Do you like chocolate?

Oh, what hot chocolate and cold weather deliciously catches on!

People are in love with a chocolate. Chocolate cakes, chocolate bars and everything. A kind of passion

UalWhat level of chocholatra you are from 1 to 10, biscuit most people around the world a chocolate, are fascinated by that bittersweet or sweet taste of burnt chocolate or white chocolate, what a delight!

Taste chocolate right now if you listen to a beautiful song of your own, you don't have to choose you can eat chocolate and listen to music at the same time. Oh how nice it is to slowly taste a bar of chocolate and get to that fear of ending quickly, a little bite, but another bite, WOW! is it over yet? No problem I'll get another, not better not that it is something very sweet I need to control and not overdo it because too much sugar can be bad for health so I will be cautious. Sometimes there are things in our lives that are delicious but also exaggerated that can cause us harm to our health and our health is the best thing we have because if we have good health we are willing to perform our daily activities. And even if sometimes if we overdone a little on candy or anything else that might bring a feast of calories it is very important that we are determined to have a disciplined exercise routine. I'm not saying you can't taste a chocolate bar that's not so since exercising take care of your health is very important. If you have an exercise routine and even good you feed on things that really give me energy and that energy has to support you to reach your goal in your daily activities. It is very good to exercise listening to music, whether on your smartphone or your iPhone4, the same gym sound that music she always gives us the motivation and strength to perform the physical exercises. Everything we do can be beneficial to our health, our aesthetics and our self-esteem.

We have to choose which image we want to see in the mirror, if we have control over it we better make the best choice. Gradually we can achieve amazing results in the short, medium and long term. Following an exercise routine over time will not feel that discomfort that we feel at first until we can eat that chocolate bar because we know we are having a exercise routine.

What I am saying here is that we don't have to let the good things in life promise great results, what I am saying is that we have to have control of the situation so that we won't regret it later.

It is very important to have a professional accompaniment to perform any exercise and also very important you have a follow up with a nutritionist to support your activities.

The definition of health is: physical, mental and social well-being. But how to get good health in all three aspects?


It is to enroll in non-gym today and start activities with professional camp.


Stop putting harmful things in our mind, with forgiveness of the word and stop putting m **** in our mind and do things in a way that people enjoy in our presence.


It is very similar to mental well-being. Having a social health and trying to be friendly and willing to help anyone who needs it in words and actions, is knowing how to live in community. Therefore the Ministry of Health encourages following all of the above instructions you will become an amazing human being reflecting God's image and likeness through his qualities.

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