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Have you updated your WordPress recently to 3.9? If you haven't, WordPress 3.9 arrives with a smoother Media Editing Experience. Here are a few of the improvements that I really enjoy: 1. Improved Visual Editing You can now past right into your WordPress editor from your Word Processor without worrying about the messy styling that you would usually get from before. 2. Edit Image Easily It is now very easy to edit your images while editing your posts including scaling your images directly
Hey all - I have just reviewed Internet Traffic Formula last week. You can view my post here: This product is from Vick Strizheus, he's linked to the Big Idea Mastermind which is just an extension of Empower Network.
For those of you that are taking the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Courses and have set up your own Wealthy Affiliate Customs Signup Link, you may need to update your wording in case you have it set up the way I have. On the image below, I was letting people know to "Fill Out The Details To Your Left!", however, there has been a recent update to the way this looks. View the image below: Now, if you check, the "Sign Up" details are now to the right side of the screen, so I had to re-write t
Yes, you better believe it! I have just reviewed Jaaxy Enterprise. You can view my post here: Jaaxy has helped you rank and obtain free traffic to your site or has helped you in general, please comment below. Cheers! Eddie C.
Do you want to know the easy ways to make money fast? If you are asking this question, let me tell you, you are not alone. Millions of people frequently ask this question and as many, they start their blogging website with a lot of motivation, dedication and usually put in a lot of hard work. But suddenly, they start giving up, as most don't have the patience that it's needed to be successful in their blogging niche and realize that there is no secret formula or ways to make money fast. Esp
One of my goals that I have set for this year 2014 was to be on the top 100 rank here at Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy to say, that I've made this goal a reality. As of this writing, I am being ranked 94. This has me seeing emazing lights. This is just the beginning of this great journey with hopes that I can keep glowing to the top. My next goal is to be on the top 50, followed by the top 25. My ultimate goal set for this year is to become top 12 as an Ambassador. It is an honor to b
Let me tell you that when I first started Wealthy Associate and several other websites I own, I decided not to include the dates on my posts. However, now I'm second guessing this decision. My fear is that I don't want to have a visitor on my site look at the "published date" and think the content is outdated. However, the strategy I have in place is to always go back on any "old" post and update the content on a case by case basis. I'm also not sure what are the SEO impacts of having
How am I feeling like a billion bucks when I’m slow. I'm not referring in the “I drive 45 MPH in the left lane on the highway” slow or “I need to give exact change to the cashier so let me dig around in my pocketbook for two nickels and three pennies while everyone else waiting in line taps their foot” slow. No, not quite. And just so we’re clear: I don’t own a pocketbook. I was just using that as a frame of reference, ok? What I’m referring to when I say I’m slow is how I
July 4th is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States and with good reason this is the holiday when we can enjoy the things that makes the United States great. This year, as we come to July 4th, still embroiled in a war that is costing us some of our best and most dedicated citizens. I'm sure that your BBQ's are great and festive, but how to make a more meaningful 4th of July?1. Say Thanks: When you're out buying yet another bag of ice, one more case of...soda, and all