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Last Update: Nov 17, 2020

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Hey My Wealthy affiliatians,

I'm very happy to share little success with you guys, yuh see when you set golds and achieved it you actually feel on top of the world, If I can share and motivate for someone to feel the same I certainly will.

I became a Premium member in Jan. 2020, I get 10% site trust every month, setting a gold to have at least 150 blogs/article in 10 months as well, I'm proud to say I've accomplish-

1) 85 referrals, 5 upgraded.

2)150 articles/blogs publish, 130 indexed.

3) 100% site trust (happy)

4) Getting 800-1000 visitors to my website daily.

5) Making other affiliate sales from my site.

6) Signing up referrals for other affiliate programs I'm involve in.

7) Received My first payment from Google ADsense This Month.

Just to remind others, hard work always pays off, many sleepless nights doing researches and writing my butt off.

I really beginning to see the benefits just as Kyle had told me, my articles didn't always get index quickly but there all getting indexed as I follow all training.

I encourage all to hold it up, it will pay off eventually for you, trust me on that, even when you feel like giving up. Stick it out to the end like chucky my people.

Much love


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This is fabulous Earl. Thank you for sharing. I needed this . All the best for 2021 and all you achieve there:)

WOW. You're doing an amazing job!!!! Keep it up!


Congratulations on your success. Alicia

Awesome achievements Earl. Well done!

Great job keep up the great work

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