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I have finally completed certification training 3 and will soon head to 4 after I head back to BootCamp and get my WA promotion site up to par. My site health for my niche website has finally turn from yellow to blue, so I guess it is on it's way to green next.I am moving on up to the hill side to finally get my piece of the online business pie. I am doing like the Jefferson's on TV. back in the days.
What is more important? Getting ranked for ambassadorship or having a monetized website?I realize that if you don't consistently show activity in the community your ranking declines. It doesn't stay one place until you are ready to help aroud the community again after other obligations. That means to keep your ranking moving to higher you have to be active everyday. What then? if you go through the training and apply what you learn to the point where your website becomes monetized. It will not
I'M Encouraged :- With my $1.68 affiliate earningsI checked my Amazon Associates account today for a product link to put on my website and just by curiosity, decided to click on the earnings tab. You can imagine the joy I felt seeing $1.68 in there. I am celebrating my $1.68 victory because it represents the reality that making money online is very much possible when done the right way.There is light at the end of the tunnel, because if I can make $1.68, then I can multiply that with time, effo
MY PROGRESS IN WEALTHY AFFILIATE:- Off to a good start.My progress so far In Wealthy Affiliate has already been quite an enjoyable journey. I have two websites going strong, both indexed with Google. I have reason to celebrate a little and dibble dabble around the WA community helping others and newbies. I can truly say, "Off to a good start." The best is yet to come and more hard work yet, but I am sure it will be worth it all in the end.MY 'NICHE' SPIRITUAL & NATURAL HEALTH:- Testing the
CAN YOU JUGGLE?I remember when I was in school, the kids used to be fascinated with me juggling two pieces of anything with a little weight using one hand. They were so exited to see the trick that they started to call the attention of other students saying, "look at this, Mr. Hanson can Juggle! how cool" they would ask me If I can do three. At three, I would last for a few good seconds then fumble, I haven't had much practice with three. Two on the other hand (no pun intended) I could master.W
May 31, 2018
I'm seeing further than where I am now, finished my first set of training and on my way to the next. My sights are set on taking the limits off of what I have the potential to achieve here @ WA. With this awesome platform and training modules I should be able to apply and make my debut as an online business owner...yeaaah..!!!
May 29, 2018
So I have just put into application the new word I might have created and got myself " Premiumized " look out for me WA family I'm gonna need your help on this journey.
The true epitome of our existence is to have and maintain balance in both our spiritual and natural lives. Having the best of both worlds means to be healthy naturally and spiritually, that's why the Bible says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. I just created my website that is going to blog/vlog about this subject in the coming months/years. Celebrate with me ...'Yeaaaah..!!!" (