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A random but not so far off concept of revolutionary webdesign. Just imagine how much simpler and better it would be if websites just made themselves. No need for design templates or expensive and difficult coding. Imagine if you wanted higher sales, or to find more customers, and attracting loads more followers was as simple as a single click. You make your selection and your site will be optimized for that purpose, need more content, capture and post anything from anywhere on the web with a
Hi all, Thank you, thank you so soo much to the wonderful team at Website support. Not only did you respond in a timely manner (5 - 10 mins) each time we communicated you persevered with me throughout. A miracle actually considering I knew nothing before this 1/2 day lesson on what is required to FTP file transfers and Theme activation..yes the technical list goes on as did the learning curve. Frustration at it's best, but also a wonderful experience, as I said before especially when it's carri
To all the wonderful members of Wealthy Affiliate, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone, new members and old, premium and trial a very "Merry Xmas". That all your wishes come true and I trust you are able to celebrate the Xmas spirit with family, friends and loved ones. Have a memorable, safe day, with lots of fun and good cheer! I also wish you All a very "Happy New Year 2015" as well and hope it'll bring you joy, happiness and success in the following 12 months. Thanks to all