Visiting Pearl Harbor - A Hurting Heart

Last Update: March 13, 2018

You enter the theater, choose your seat, the lights dim around you as they tell you you'll see a short video of that fateful day the Arizonia and several other ships sank killing over 1000 crewmen. The film starts off with the politics of it all and how it led to Japan's success in 1941. As the film rolled so did my tears. I cried for the men that lost their lives that day, I cried for humanities lack of learning and I cried for the continued wars we continue to have.

Setting foot on the memorial is somber itself because you are actually walking on the grave of over 900 men. Those men that escapsed the Arizonia that day are given a choice to be brought back and and have their cremated remains added to the ship finally joining their crewmates from 1941. It was an honor and a sad moment to be there to say thank you.

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TaniaHersel Premium
It is a tragedy and good to honour those who paid the ultimate price.
dwcookie Premium
MKearns Premium
An unforgetful moment. My dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor!
dwcookie Premium
Glad that your dad survived. A horrific day in history.