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I really don't want to come off as arrogant, and I really do want to participate within the community. However as I'm going through my training classes, I feel a little left out, so to speak. I'm not really much of a computer geek, not that their is anything wrong with that, but I'm beginning to realize that I may understand more about computers and being online than I had previously thought.We are encouraged to ask many questions. I'm finding that my questions are being addressed within the tra
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July 06, 2015
I would like to start by saying that I have a great love for this community. However I'm noticing a trend. It seems to me (and I may be mistaken), that ranking in this community has very little to do with ones success ratio.As I explore, I see some coming in with great excitement about the new found opportunities that lay ahead. Others however with much lower rankings seem to be a little, oh shall we say; discouraged. This is troubling to me. Somewhere along the path of training something is bei
I must admit that after years of searching, I have a feeling that Wealthy Affiliate is a God send for me. I have struggled trying to make money online. I now have the confidence that it's only a matter of time before my success. I had a vision of a community like this for quite some time. Today I am enjoying the first day of my new life. The training is truly helping put all the loose pieces of internet marketing together within my mind, and giving me the ability to understand; "What it means."
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