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Last Update: Sep 27, 2018

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Hi Everybody and welcome to my blog…Hi it's Dave Here…I’m i’m just starting my Blog on my website today is the 25 th August 2018.I started building this website within Wealth Affiliate on the 5th of August and i'm slowley going throughn the training it's been abit hit and miss due to my partner and i being on holiday for the first 2 weeks in Aug. So now where home and i went staight back to work the day after coming of holiday, i currently work for a shoe manufacturing company here in York as a driver and i cover the Midlands and Mansfield. I hope to be successful within Wealthy Affiliate has do all of us... I look forward to a fantastic relationship with all our members here and any new ones who decide to follow us, at the moment my content on my chossen website is just getting going and i hope that it's ok anyone wishing to visit my site and perhaps give me some tips or video links to help me along the way it would be great and very helpfull.

I just thought that i would do an update about how i'm getting on in Wealthy Affiliate, well so far so good things are going pretty well and i'm enjoying all of the training within.

When you get involved in some of the comments people are making you can get likes now when we get likes we move up in the rankings which simply means that you get noticed more and the members get to know you a little better.

Which intern it creates a community spirit that as a knock on effect on you being a member they will make suggestions like eBay or give you tips and tricks to make your journey much easier and if you get stuck at anytime all you need to do is reach out to the community and the help comes along. if you are interested in joining a proper community then join me here.

Thanks Dave

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Hey Dave! Good to know you had a good vacation and keep up the good work :)

Thank you for visiting Marlinda1 it means a great deal to me being newish here at WA... here's my website link https://laptop-money.siterubix.com/ perhaps you could review it for me.
Thanks in advance

Thank you for your comment, Dygie-Reds

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