You Have the Best Control of Your Destiny

Last Update: October 25, 2018

You will often hear someone make the remark how lucky someone was to achieve their goals or get a part they want. But, they don't see the hard work in preparation that that individual put in to reach their goals.

I know I've said this many times, but with out a strategy of preparation you're not ready or prepared when an opportunity arises that can help you reach your goals. It's not just about reaching your goals, but also having a plan and strategy in place on how to stay there and not falter.

In multilevel marketing such as Amway, when you reach a high level position and income, you have to continually put the time in with marketing and recruiting, to remain in that position and income level.

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AlexEvans Premium
Timing can have so many effects, we have to reach that certain point at the right time for us in order to capitalize on the opportunity.

I really like the concept of that evolving strategy from the start of the journey but also when we are standing on the top of our hill.