Ways to Be Productive

Last Update: October 24, 2017

To improve productivity and maintain focus some tasks you should perform first:

1.Turn off your phone

2. Close all browser tabs

3, Turn off your emails

4.Clean off your desk

5. Write distractions down for later

6.Save articles and videos in packet

7. Take regular breaks

8.Work in varied environments like Starbucks or coffee shop

9.Sit by a window

10. Smell something pleasant

You can save time by:

1.Quick meetings are keep them down to 15 minutes

2. Delegate

3. Keep track of your time

4. Quit Facebook

5. Automate tedious tasks

6. Quit task with a stop doing list

7. Quit multitasking

Prioritize everything

1.Don't check your email unless you worked for two hours

2. Do you number one most important task first

3. Do your most creative work first

Ways for you to get motivated:

1. Break tasks down into smaller parts

2. Find your biological prime time

3. Make your prize progress visible and celebrate small wins

4. Bribe yourself with the reward

5. He a done list

6.Eat chocolate

These are just some suggestions on ways to be most productive in a day. You can also expand this to your weekly goal and monthly goal.

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JamesJB Premium
I much prefer "6. Each chocolate :)"
BillandSue Premium
Hi Davida,
Thanks again for more great productive advise.

Ivine Premium
Hi Davida, the tips are really useful.
munazira Premium
I'm in a business now with two hours my job is done. The point number ten Iam wondering may give sleep.
MKearns Premium
Yes. Clear the road!