The Most Difficult Process is to Adapt to Change

Last Update: October 25, 2018

how many times have you heard the expression--- when one door closes another opens---you often have to get rid of the clutter to leave space for what you want to happen. Think about hoarders-- they find a way to fill up every empty space in an apartment--- from the floor to the ceiling.

They fill up a space until there is no place to move around, sit down, or sleep. They leavefor anyone to come and visit them. This is a sickness, but it's also true. You need to change your lifestyle and leave an opening by putting 4B energy into the universe, or using the laws of attraction to receive all the things that you truly want or need in life.

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AlexEvans Premium
I have heard that expression so often and it is so very true we can hold onto the past, or we can be cut adrift from our current activities, there will always be a new door to open as long as we drop our bags at the door and walk on through it usually brings good things with that change.