Mantras You Can Learn to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Last Update: October 25, 2018

There are many ways to reduce stress--- some good and some bad. You should always look for some other healthy ways to reduce stress in your life. The list above can be very helpful.

Remember this, time and life is fluid and what you are experiencing at this moment won't be there the next. Taking time to plan and structure a schedule also reduces stress in your life.

What may be difficult for you now, with experience and time will become easier.

Stop multitasking and complete one project at a time also helps to reduce stress.

Driving and a highway can be stressful because of all traffic, but also remember that it depends on the time a day that you're in the car that helps create stress and that the heavy traffic can be due to an accident that blocks the road and backs up traffic and will not remain so for a long period

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marmar463 Premium
Great Post I enjoyed reading it I really appreciate that you have shared this with us. Yes, there are good and bad ways to reduce stress. Mostly good because we have many different things to do
to reduce stress.

Just to name some is yoga, breathing, and meditation is the three that comes to mind. There may be other things that can be used to reduce stress but those are the three that have been recommended to me.

wwkit626 Premium
om mani padme hum