So What Is The Theme?

Last Update: April 12, 2016

Hello everyone, I thought I would drop in, say hello and give a quick update. I am in the process of building my website. Man! Theme, after theme, after theme, lol, oh my goodness!

Which one shall it be? Ummm… So, I decided to ask the how to choose a theme question, in the question box area, you know, that place where you type your question, before asking the community?

Well, I found a lot of helpful information there, but still was not sure if I had the right theme.

Suddenly, I remembered in one of Kyle’s training sessions he stated not to worry so much about the theme that it can be changed at a later date.

Whew! Okay… so now, I have begun to work with the WordPress Iconic one theme.

So, I say to YOU out there. Yes You!

If looking for a theme has got you stressed out!

Don’t worry pick a theme that grabs your attention and go for it!

Begin your journey to success, and have an awesome forever.


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PjGermain Premium
Precisely!!!! Goooo Christine!!!!