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In last few day, I received a lot of comments that are not possible to publish in their normal form; few are even worse --- You can't modify those from any corner!I really become tired of disapproving those spam kinds of comments. I'm not really sure how others' experiences, but I get too many unrelated ones via the site comment platform.Which comments are considered as SPAM?A comment that is not exactly related to the content.A comment that left only based of the first and last line of the pos
Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the most legitimate platform to learn the evergreen methods of affiliate marketing and host a corresponding business, the world knows it very well. People from any country can join here and build up their own online foundation. Indeed, people from all over the world are applying for WA membership every day, learning new things and earning revenue.Starter Account: Some Countries aren't EligibleYou know, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial that is known as Starte
Hello everybody! Hope all is well! I am going to share my very recent experience of building a website. In fact, I have been finished that worked just now, means just before I start writing here.First of all, let me know are you thinking to start a travel website or travel blog? Or, do you wish to start something similar in the recent future?If yes, then you must follow this short write up.Let's start the storyI am a travel mad person. Often I load my backpack and run away towards nature. With
Last few days I was a bit absent here within the community of Wealthy Affiliate and I was really missing you all. But I am back here with new experiences which I am going to share today.Frankly speaking, I was busy to build up one of my websites with a newer appearance. Previously, I was creating contents and promoting products through affiliate links on my website. I was promoting mainly Amazon products, but to be honest, there was not much traffic there. As a result that particular website wa
The amount is not much, in fact, this is a very tiny amount. It's only $2.45, but still, this is my first sale and I must respect my first sale.It was tough timeIt came exactly when I was getting frustrated with my travel related niche website. Few visitors were visiting every day through organic traffic but the earn book in Amazon was still blank. I even stopped crawling the Amazon associate account unless I needed it for a product review. It is true that I was passing through a hopeless time,
May 19, 2019
Finally, I have launched my second website. Now, I have the option to buy 23 more domains within Wealthy Affiliate platform, but I right now I am not looking to buy another domain. Rather I decided to focus on these 2 websites, and let them grow up. This is not an easy job to build up more than 2 websites without hiring a writer. So, first, let them grow as successful websites, then shall be thinking for the third one.My first one was a travel accessories website which I launch a few months bac
It took a bit longer time to receive the course completion certificate than many other people here in Wealthy Affiliate. I spend almost 5 months of time to complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.Actually, I had to learn these things besides my full-time job. For those people who are 100% devoted to the online world, without any other involvements, they can complete these courses much quicker.I was a newbie in the online world and I had no idea how to start and how to move on. But
This is really difficult task for a newbie to choose a perfect niche. I have seen many people are asking here, "what is a good niche?"The major reply I have seen: "choose the one which you like most" or "On which you can prepare the best blog".I personally realized, this is not a great way to choose a niche, though Kyle said the same in the initial training video. Many new bloggers are getting a half-hearted solution without receiving proper explanations.The reality is, you can produce the best
'Can you make money with blogging?' The biggest question arises in a beginner's mind, who jumps into the online world. However, I have seen many people losing concentration just a few days after starting the journey. And if you are one among them you must be thinking the same too.One thing I'd like to ask you. When you started reading during your childhood, did you ever thought, "shall I get a real job after so much study?" I suppose you didn't think, because your parents took all the responsib
Image care is essential if we want traffic in our sites. 'Image care' means optimization of the visual contents in our posts.I am an image lover. I love to read the posts with lovely images, and thus like to include beautiful images in my own posts (of course related to the content). I guess, many (almost everyone) of us like the same.In my early days, when I just started writing blogs, I did some horrible mistakes with all the images in my posts. There were a little errors with the text conten