Avoiding credit repair scams

Last Update: May 08, 2014

I want to write about a subject that's dear to my heart. Credit repair. Most people don't start out trying to ruin their credit. It just life has a way of kicking you when your down. Now life didn't mean to kick you when you're down, that was meant for your derrière. After all bad things happen to good folks. Divorce, illness, layoffs and if we're honest we saw it coming or at least saw the need to prepare. None the less we get caught financially with our pants down. I know it happened to me. I searched and researched how to repair my credit. All i got was bunch of bills that didn't really help my credit at all. So,I paid more for my house, more for the cars, more for everything. Then I stumbled on a little known secret the banks and credit,card companies didn't want me to know. You see the only way to fix your credit is to throw money at it. If you need to make more money and who doesn't? I can show you how you can make more money...but I digress. This secret is perfectly legal and can build your credit score 700 in couple of months. Did I say this is NOT CREDIT REPAIR!

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DrBoz Premium
Thanks David keep you posted!
davidslc2010 Premium
I agree with you, nobody wants to have a bad credit, but when you are there is really hard to raise your credit scores! That sounds like a great niche to work specially if you are an expert on the subject, just make sure that you select your niche and then find your niche within your niche this is something you will learn in the lessons. I can't wait to see you website up and running to help those folks with credit scores issues!