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October 14, 2018
Ranking In the top 200, so cool. Wow, how did I get here? Do I deserve this Honor? I want to take this time to thank all the members that have taught me so much about internet marketing. Some have pulled me up by my bootstraps and kept me on track. Told me, I could reach my goals. All the inspirational posts that so many individuals have written and made me stop and think introspectively. Thank you to all those who help me earn this rank. I could not have reached this point without such an ou
My First Six Months As A Premium MemberMy first Six Months as a Premium Member I have had an award-winning week. First, I received my six-month premium badge? Where has the time gone? Time flies by so fast. Have I reached all my goals? Some yes, others no. But more importantly to me, I have reached the point where I know what my goals are. Realistic goals. I have developed a daily schedule to follow and keep me on track. I was jumping around from one objective to another. I feel settled n
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. You have come to the best affiliate program on the Web. This is where dreams come true. With that said, I decided to share some of my experiences, as a new premium member. My goal is to help you not to make my same mistakes.1. Take the time to write a detailed PROFILE. Let people know who you are, where you come from, what hopes and dreams you have. What is your background, strengths, and weakness? Let me/us know you. Please don't use a stock picture; there are so