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I may need your help. I was doing good for a while. I started in October 2016. My ranking was going up to around 700, but is now at 1485. I was having back problems and got away from WA. I am now back at it, but do not have the motivation that I had before. Need to use the golden rule as mentioned in one of my 3 blogs. This did motivate more for awhile, but selfishness set in. It is hard to motivate others when I see so few people responding to my website. I am now on C4 L7. I want to work thi
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February 25, 2017
After going through Certification Course 2, I became very excited about lowering my rank and helping out others at the same time. I did this for a few weeks, but got so bogged down helping others, that I found little time moving forward in certification course 3. So what shall I do?With some thought I have decided to place my priorities straight. I want to start of spending one to 3 hours first working on my certification. This may not seem like the golden rule, but in the long path down the ro
February 15, 2017
While thinking about what niche I wanted to use, I thought about my hobby of Amateur Astronomy. Since I was in Junior High I have had this hobby. I remember looking up into sky like Galileo with my binoculars and seeing the craters on the moon. I could not believe I could see so much detail. All those craters and the long shadows through them were amazing. Little later I met neighbor boy down the street who had a small telescope. I looked through his telescope and saw the planet Saturn. Now I
February 11, 2017
Well I am finally writing my first blog. I started back last October. I went strong for about a month. Then all of a sudden I slowed down and did not work on my website as much. Fear had crept in and I started thinking that this may be too hard to do. I received my premium ranking and then felt the stress of paying without being motivated. I finally this month got to the end of Course 2 and realized that the real way to my success was by helping others. I decided to start helping others about