How to build a better relationships

Last Update: June 11, 2021

Building strong relationships with others will make your life more positive and fulfilling. These seven steps will help you make and keep friends as well as maintain better relationships.

1. If you genuinely like people, enjoy being with them, talking with them, and being helpful to them, you will find people will generally will like you.

2. Become interested in another person's ideas and activities. Make a point to talk about their interests, rather than about yourself.

3. Practice the old saying: "To have friends, be friendly."

4. Remember names. A person's name is important to him or her. Knowing it will help you get along with him or her.

5. Be positive. If being with you make people feel better and more alive, you will be sought after. People will want to be with you.

6. Do not rub people the wrong way. Avoid being sensitive or easily hurt. When you say wrong things, sincerely apologize and attempt to clear up misunderstandings.

7. Be generous with your time and actions. Perform unselfish and outgoing acts of friendship. Sincerely generosity inevitably leads to better relationships. "Do unto others what you want them to do for you."

prayer: God, help me to see the goods in my relationships, Help me to be generous with my love. Replace my hostility with forgiveness and understanding. Remind me to search my heart and be honest about my own faults. May my love for others shine through me like your love for me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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DorothyJ3 Premium Plus
Thank you, so much Elizabeth, friendship is so important, we take it for granted, remembering the golden rule, do unto other what you want them to do to you, treat all people kind, generous, respectful, and above all is Love, I love you!
DivineGood Premium
Welcome, my dear, Dorothy
as always.

Yes, and there is nothing
more powerful than love.

I love you more, my dear.

Newme202 Premium
I love this!

7 awesome lovely points Dorothy
I hope that we all should at least follow most of them to create a very happy environment for us all here at Wealthy Affiliate
ZachK Premium
Awesome post Dorothy, great relationships are a blessing! Also, to be liked, you need to be likable.

Many blessings :-)

DivineGood Premium
Wow! This is so beautiful, Dorothy.
You said it so generously kind and
full of heartwarming messages.

Yes, definitely if you want some
friends, be friendly, as simple as

Have a pure intention at heart
and be more honest with your
relationship with them.

Thank you so much, my dear

God's love enfolds you!