Renounce Defeat

Last Update: May 03, 2019

When you are in business, and you find that you are getting a fight from someones who think they are sturdy and untouchable, do not become daunted, neither be you terrified at the actions. They can only keep you down as long as you allow them to dominate over you.

Always keep in your mind that the world is an "everybody place". No one person nor one group of people owns the world. So it is in business, there is never a one-person business nor a one company business.

Multiple people make the business world a success, So as the individual business needs a two-way frow to become meaningful. Act positively in whatever action that you take. Speak out promptly where you need people to hear your voice.

Never be afraid of faces enough to close your eyes and become a walk-over. If you are so scared of eyes, you will not eat the head. Then you will be under bondage by those who think that they are brave.

Speak out on matters that concern you. Ensure that you speak loud and clear enough for even the deaf to hear your voice in the distance. Let everyone know that you are another human being who deserves to be as one. Never be a wimp when you are right.

Do not shrink away when it is your time to speak. Your words can be functional if you pronounce them with authority. No one has the right to keep you down.

No one man can maintain a global business, and only a mad man thinks that much negative. Speak positively for your freedom. You have a right to do business wherever the opportunity arises without any form of interference from anyone, irrespective of who.

It is full time to desist from settling for bull shit from who think that they are anybody. No longer allow folks to misused you as to how in past eras the "Backra Masters" abused their Slaves.

Treating them as if it was water that runs through their veins, and water in the veins will never get hot. Be positive, stand up for your right. Attack if you must. Take back your right with dignity. Let the adult in you be visible.

If the only thing that you can do to win is to fight back, be not afraid to fight. Grab the Bull by its horns twist its head and brake its neck. Your business is yours, and nobody has the right to fight against you in your industry. Take that bold step from now onward!!!

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AlexEvans Premium
That is a business builder Dorcas, it can be so easy to let things get in our way, nothing beats stepping up to the plate and backing ourselves.

Thing is no one else will we have to do it for ourselves.

Thanks for the food for thought.
DorcasW Premium
Hey Alex; Thanks for your comment. You see, the world that we are living in is much different from our grandma's time.

Without us taking responsibility for those things belonging to us, we will be trampled and run over, by those who believe that the world belongs to them, and those who they desire to give a little part.

Business people must stand up firm for their business rights. And speak out, when it is necessary.
Thanks again.