Gmail Blocking my Progress

Last Update: July 21, 2019

Some Things That We Take for Granted They hurt to the core!!!

We as people are living in a real world where real things occur daily. It makes no sense when we pretend that we are not negatively affected from these occurrences, because we are affected some of us more severe than some others but negativity affects all of us.

If an email account is not necessary, why any company you are going to do business with require from you an email address? Why? There is a person by the name of “Sue” who works with Gmail Who I had not met in person.

But that person has too much hatred for me! To be working in public life. Before you stone me please read me out. I joined Wealthy Affiliate for two years six months three weeks now.

I have been ridiculed by a number of persons, insulted by many “big intelligent idiots” here at WA who love to criticized something that they knew nothing about.

I have been slowed down a lot because of poor Internet connection. I learned to live with that. But I am not making the progress that I should be making because of issues. “Google the biggest al the pack”.

I might have started a training as I reach near the end Internet failed it might not return before one month or more. Sometimes two days. At one time I had no Internet for five months.

I sometimes grab my laptop and go places where I would not normally go but just for the Wi-Fi I go some of the places are no better than home on that wise. Google “sue” takes pleasure to log me out of my email.

The first time five months after I joined WA Gmail log me out of the account that I used to sign up Google + Google Analytic, Google AdSense, all my bank and utility was that account. I wasted much time trying to recover my account without any success.

Five months afterward I stop trying as it began to take a toll on my calm. The question that Google Sue, kept asking me is why was I logged out. As soon as Gmail found that I stop trying, Google Sue.

Log me out of the email I use for WA only, with the same attitude. About two months afterward I regained access to my WA email which I had for one month. And was logged for all times.

I could not know what was happening in WA After about three to four months I request a change of email and was granted I used a yahoo account instead.

The account that I used for Google AdWords WordPress and Amazon Gmail Sue log me out. Trying to regain access to these accounts consume a lot of time and the process caused me much stress.

I remember one day as they have me back and forth, although they knew they would not return access the send me forty-eight code via my phone Google Sue hates the very thread that sew my clothes.

I had a Gmail account that is a previous business name that I no longer use because of its name. Gmail kept it active I log out of it many times and Google restore it even when I no longer use it for many years.

But the important accounts that I use for business Google Sue takes pleasure to log me out of them. It took me a long time for Google AdSense and Google Analytic to allow me to use another Google account.

And lest than a month after Gmail log me out of all accounts save the old one. Yet prompting me to open another account because it is free. This is what they do all the time.

Then there is the big fight with Microsoft. They cut in on my Google Chrome browsing at their pleasure announcing that I am using a windows ten PC and I should switch browser.

When Microsoft do this I am done for the day. Internet or no Internet. Not even Microsoft words I can work on. What kind of filthy war this going on in Cyber Space by names who had gained the public respect?

I am the little sprat, but their action weights down heavily on me. Should anyone responsible for the actions read this post; I beg you Please! Get your act together do a bit better it is a business I have started.

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JKulk1 Premium
Hi Dorcas. I'm sorry to hear you are having all these issues.
I don't know how your fellow members can help you . Jim
DorcasW Premium
Hi Jim; thanks for your comment. I am not sure my fellow members can help with this kind of issue. However, I would be more than thankful if anyone can help.

I am wondering though if I am the only one having this kind of an issue? My Pinterest, Instagram, and Linked in social media accounts are again affected by the action.

I am going to try one more avenue for help if I cannot be help from there, then in this, the "dog is dead and the gatgasping".