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Last Update: January 20, 2019

Save time. "To save time". To do something more efficiently such that less time is required. This “save time” is nothing like “daylight saving time”.

Saving time, have we or have we just encounter more ways to waste time? To save time one would say, “To do something more efficiently such that LESS time is required”. So are we, in this day of the internet, automation, and convenience, how are we using this time save? Botte-line, have we actually saved/gained any additional usable time at all?

If you have been fortunate to have found some means of saving you time, what would you do with it, say sleep more, take a longer walk in the park, or just sleep an extra five minutes?

Do we work at trying to find ways to save time for our convenience?

Convenience, “Fitness or suitable for performing an action or fulfilling a requirement”.

  • Something (an appliance, device, or service) conducive to comfort or ease.
    • o Ex: Modern camping conveniences

    The entire blog came about while surfing the internet for general information but had “2” direct Wealthy Affiliate hits that made me wonder and I figured I would share it. Now there were a total of 10 and I provided the link at the bottom if you would like to review it yourself.

    So without further ado, let’s get going!

    • 1. Work Anywhere You Can (WA)
      • o The advent of all this technology means that we can now work in more places than ever before (though this particular step may be a little bit limited – depending on your profession).

      On this one, we all have or are in the process of setting up and starting a blogging page of some type and niche market. We don’t have to worry with the trouble of daily commutes, traffic jams, hitting a clock, etc. Not having to deal with any of the fore mentioned “time wasters”; we have managed to save some time.

      Being a part of Wealthy Affiliate allows for marketing in an area that allows us to work at 35,000 feet above ground or 500 feet below sea level. As long as we are able to obtain a means of internet connection, we can and do conduct our work from anywhere.

      However, are we saving any time with the convenience of working from anywhere that offers an internet connection?

      Can we say that have saved some “real” time with this convenient condition? The jury is still out on that from my vantage point.

      • 4. Delete Social Media Profiles (WA)
        • o I know – this is a tough one. I’m going to be a stickler, too. I’m saying “delete” instead of simply “deactivate”. While ultimately this is up to you, it will be better for you to remove your profiles to really see how much time you spent on social media previously. It will blow your mind. And before I get bombarded with the “how will people get in touch with me?” questions – I will gently remind you that you have a phone and email address that will still work just fine! It has been a quick sea-change into social media running our lives – but we can fight back and save time!

        Now it was on this one that I had to stop and laugh, and say, “No Way!” Social media, coming across as a means of wasting ones time? As you read further, it was not just saying shut-down/deactivate, no it said remove as in delete your profile.

        The made me do some more in-depth research on the business uses of social media. Here’s what I found about businesses using social medial, via Google search stated:

        All companies should have at least somewhat of a social media strategy presence. When using social media:

        • 86% Facebook
        • 52% Small business post daily
        • 48% Instagram
        • 46% YouTube
        • 44% Twitter
        • 38% Pinterest
        • Note: As to gender, women are more likely to use social media.

        So with just those few numbers being reported on, is there any chance that these top 4 companies feel that there is a waste of time investing in social media? I don’t see any one with a business tie to social media removing/deleting a profile any time soon, we’ll just find some other means of saving ourselves some time.

        Although I only looked at these 2 as a tie in to Wealthy Affiliate, the saving of time, for me means having additional time to do those things associated with my work here and not rushing to get one or another task complete while minimizing errors.


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        CathAnon Premium
        The jury's still out for me whether social media really is a waste of time. I find it so tiresome to spend effort on growing followers, creating the necessary graphics in order to stand out from the herd. But that's in my niche. I've seen others succeed enormously on those platforms in their niche.

        So who knows, aye? Social media seem to be one of those double-edge swords.

        Thank you for sharing :)
        DonnieK2 Premium
        I agree with you, and don't see many, if anyone deleting their profile.
        Thanks for the read and response.