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Joined February 2009
Greetings I am DocoParco and I joined W.A. in Feb2009. I am new to internet marketing but I have always had an interest in this area.
I have now decided to go step by step to understand and master the basics then hopefully progress to more advanced stages. My main interests are music, literature and philosophy.
In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, reading and do get thrills touring the country side, interacting with people and exploring nature.
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webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. Theres lots of information here at WA. Don't let it overwhelm you. Do the training and also go to potpiegirls blog. There you will find a few videos that will also help you get started. Best of luck to you.
Labman Premium
Nice to have you back.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
docoparco Premium
Greetings, I have rejoined the team after a long absence. It is good to be back on track and I am patiently going through the training. I have been doing a lot of reading, my favourite past time, on internet marketing.
I am enthused and looking forward to this exciting and enterprising endeavour as I take another important LEAP to ''Learn Earn And Prosper''.
Wishing everyone at Wealthy Affiliate all the best as the team strives to continue being the BEST by getting Better Every Single Time!
Joe Henning Premium
That's a new meaning you added to LEAP and I love it... Good luck my brudder, let's get this thing over the hill and do it together... Why not?
docoparco Premium
Greetings, I am Docoparco and I am new to internet marketing. This seems an exciting area and no doubt will be full of challenges especially for Newbies like myself. A kite rises against the wind and I do believe challenges, changing circumstances of time are all invitations to do better.
With the abundance of resorces available here at Wealthy Affiliate I believe the challenges will be met, faced and overcome. I look forward to meeting and interacting with the team members of this prestigious online community. All the best.
docoparco Premium
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2009. I am new to internet marketing, an area where I have always had an interst but was reluctant to join because of the number of SCAMS being operated online.
I am pleased to say that I was recommened by an online correspondent and based on what I have read and researched, Wealthy Affiliate is credible. This is indeed an online University with an abundance of resources and opportunities to learn and earn. It was an easy decision to join. I will try and maximise from my membership at W.A.
My mission is to maintain and maximise from this most important LEAP that I have now made. With the help and encouragement from tutors and members of this most prestigious community and university at Wealthy Affiliate this LEAP will translate into my Learning Earning And Prospering online throuhgh Wealthy Affiliate.