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Despite my March 24th blog claiming my last ''real world'' interview, it unfortunately did not pan out that way. The job was 10x more demanding workload/hours wise as I had thought, so I turned it down. I want to concentrate on ''my'' projects, as business owners, they understood. This decision leaves me jobless and in a daily pool of emails from job search websites such as Workopolis, Monster and the likes. I tell you, I couldn't care less about them, but until my business is up and running
That does not sound like breaking news, I know, but here is the latest that was released to the press just 2 days ago: Amazon is introducing it's grocery service in the U.S.. Just when you thought Amazon was already selling every item known to man, here it comes going after grocery stores and discounters like Walmart. Not to mention local businesses. Watch out moms & pops, you thought Walmart had taken over, here is the newest money hungry machine to court your customers; Amazon. Called '
Hum, last week I wrote about procrastination and today about laziness!? I'm sensing a theme here, I swear I am not making excuses for anything or anybody. ;) I'll make this short, because I don't want to procrastinate on other work I have to do this long weekend. :) It's not so much laziness I want to address as much as willpower. You see, about 2 years ago, I came upon a health's product blog that presented a study that had been done about the theory of willpower depletion. This partic
Imagine the following scenario for a minute. MOM: Have you done your homework Billy? BILLY: No mom, I'll do it tomorrow. MOM: Billy, you can't keep putting things off until tomorrow! BILLY: I try mom, but it's your genes that made me this way! That's right! This past week procrastination has been suggested to be hereditary by a new study published in the Psychological Science journal. ''Everyone procrastinates at least sometimes, but we wanted to explore why some people procrastinate more t
Google Plus is now 2 years old. Some of you probably befriended it when it was just a toddler, but it has yet to be everyone's social and/or marketing friend. G+ might not be the popular offspring Google was hoping it to be, but it has nonetheless done it's proof. A recent survey research (60,000 people) shows that it has more friends visiting than LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. In the US, it has as many friends as Twitter does. In no way a rival to Facebook, 72% of people
There are many hours to choose from in a day, but not all are created equal when it comes to being productive, creative or simply awake! With our hectic schedules, it is hard to respect the suggested work/eat/sleep guidelines or our own circadian rhythm, better known as our ''body clock''. Most of us will say we are doing our best, but that might not be good enough. A research, done by the University of Southern California, shows that the disruption of circadian rhythms has been linked to suc
March 28, 2014
THE BOOK OF AWESOME Everyone knows about this book by now, right? If you don't, it is quite elementary: A list of the simplest things/events that makes one happy! Day to day things, such as the pleasure of walking on autumn leaves. My awesome weekend starts by asking you: What has been your awesome this week or what would you like it to be this weekend? Before the fun, first a history lesson! I overuse this word like nobody else, yet I always thought it was from the 80's, su
In 13 hours, I will be introducing myself to my last offline interviewers! I have prepared my last resume & portfolio! This holds much signification for me, I am choosing a job that will allow me to have the time and head-space for my own projects. Don't get me wrong, I'll do my job just fine, but no extra effort. No more overtime, no more above and beyond, simply punch in-punch out. Doesn't sound too exciting, but I will actually be loving what I do! Simply, this time around, I am kee
Surfs flat for those who were enjoying the cool marketing waves of Facebook. There has been talk about this and it is glassy now, they are slowly wiping out the organic reach of pages. Posts from pages are reaching less users, even meme photos will be pearling as Facebook focuses on paid marketing. Reasons? It is said that the typical grommet is being bombed by 1,500 posts per day from friends and Pages. Facebook wants to concentrate on content that is strictly off the hook. What does this m
A fun video for the weekend, The Amazon Trail! I've often read, as a way of having members realizing that online business success does not happen overnight, a reference to Amazon's success timeline. So here is the story, presented in an animated video by Forbes' YouTube Channel. Enjoy!