Tip of the day 22

Last Update: October 12, 2017

Today's tip is about commitment and how you are going to achieve your goals here. Not long ago I wasn't as committed as I am today with helping others on the internet and in this community.

I was focused more on how "I" was going to make money and how I was going to get ahead of everyone else. I know now that in order to achieve great things in this business I need to help those in need.

I need to care about your success as well as my own. I need to answer questions and be there for folks. As I roll into my top 200 badge and strive for my goal as an ambassador, I see that it's merley a stepping stone to become a recognizable face that people can rely and ask for advice.

I used to think that the rank system here was silly because it wasn't going to make me any money. I now have an all in attitude towards this community and want to encourage people here to do the same.

Sometimes I see some of the new people that join WA and their goals of making 100,000 plus a year from affiliate marketing with a part time effort. I want ask them to think hard about that for a minute or two.

Say you work at a factory for forty hours a week all year long and make thirty to forty thousand for the year.

That is a FULL time job folks and it is only thirty to forty thousand. Is that bad? No absolutely not. You are going out in the world everyday to support yourself and those you love.

When you are starting this thing up it is considered a business and you are working for yourself. If you don't make that 100,000 in your first year or even 1000 in your first year, it isn't the program or the training here at WA that is holding you back.

Is it wrong to have goals of making a hundred thousand dollars a year? Not at all! You should reach for high goals but don't feel that this program isn't working for you, when you are only putting in part time effort.

There are no promises of making 100,000 in your first year here. In fact there isn't a promise that you will make a dollar from affiliate marketing. But if you follow the training here and work hard you will see that this can work for you.

Your goals of making money online will come if you are committed to your work and strive to help others. Whether you help them pick out a new dog shampoo or show them how to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must be helpful and show compassion.

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EMorin Premium
I'm glad you posted this. Somehow I've lost my commitment. I'm not sure if I've lost interest in my niche or what. But I'm ready to get back up and dust myself off. Thanks for the shove!
Dmtorre Premium
You definitely need to hold that interest with what you are writing about. Have you tried writing guides before? Jay had a webinar that totally changed everything about the outlook of my business. Sorry for those who may be starter members the webinar is premium content. Erika check this out if you haven't yet it's awesome!
EMorin Premium
Thanks. I will.
MKearns Premium
Focused commitment will certainly have fortune rolling in for you!
JohnBochtis Premium
What most people lack is the right mindset. We are being bombarded every day with "get rich quick schemes" which promise us to make money overnight. The right mindset is what keeps people from being successful. I opened my eyes at the age of 26, I hope that I had found out sooner what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful people.