Income Must Be Commensurate With Input

Last Update: August 12, 2019

When I started Online Teaching, a lot of people had already been in the trade - TESL (Teaching English As A Second Language); TEFL (Teaching English As A Foreign Language) - for a long time, albeit with very minimal success. Others even quit.

Apprehensive, Agitated, Excited, Impatient - these describing words perfectly reveal how I felt, as I awaited my first student caller.

This was after hectic months marked by: Rehearsals, Interviews and Training - all the processes one goes through before securing a job.

Booking Rate

A favorable booking rate is the key to success as an Online Teacher. What do I mean?

Imagine a scenario where a teacher chooses to work 8 hours per day at a daily rate of $1 per lesson:

  • A class runs for 20-25 minutes
  • In an 8-hour working day, one can teach a maximum 16 students
  • Maximum daily income = $16
  • Monthly income is approximately $400
Income Range

One's income range is $0 - 480. That's where booking rate comes into play.

My Motto, My Mantra

Imagine spending the bulk of your working time watching a blank screen. Weird as it may sound, this may happen. How?

With a low booking rate, To avoid this from happening:

  • "Achieve A High Booking Rate" became my personal mantra
  • "Income Must Be Commensurate To Input" was my motto
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Carson2 Premium
Amazing. Had no clue about how little online teaching paid. Bummer! Trust all goes well with you and your achievements at WA.
DMtenje Premium
With WA ,
The sky is the limit

Thank you
TimMoto Premium
Welcome to WA DMtenje. As you likely already now, the training here is remarkable and the network of helpful people (teachers) are just fantastic. So now you are the student...;-)
All the best to you.
DMtenje Premium
'The training is fantastic'
You can say that again.
Thank you for taking your time to read my article and for the best wishes