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Last Update: April 18, 2016

My motivation for this plummeted lately. How do you get back on track? Help!

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crazyjoe Premium
Its easy...you just get back on the track
yakitori Premium
Well looks like you're still pretty new here and started less than 2 weeks ago. The best thing to get motivated is to see results. And to get results you need to get your website out there.

You've got a pretty good site so far but I'll be honest to help you improve your site. I think you should change your header image as it's very blurry and looks a bit unprofessional. Your content is kind of lacking. Your blog posts have a good use of pictures and affiliate links but you have to actually talk about what you're trying to sell.

Tell them what features it has, why you like it, why it's better than other ones, why they should buy it. Chances are, if you just add affiliate links, they won't end up buying. You have to convince them that it's the best product in the world! Just think about it if you're on the other side as a user. If you're looking for fitness related things, would you be more interested in a site that is full of information and content explaining things or a site with an image and an affiliate link without any details on the product?

I'm sure you would agree that the site with content and explanations would be more attractive so that's what you have to do. Write more content. Write reviews, tell them why they should buy it.

Also, I was able to actually start seeing some profits my first month here at WA. It's not much but it sure did show me that this worked and motivated the hell out of me to keep pushing forward. The way I did it was to add a Google Adsense ad on my side menu. Then I followed EVERYONE that I could on WA to increase my exposure. The thought is, if I follow them, they'll follow me back. Then I wrote some blog posts on WA about some minor successes. Since everyone who follows me gets a notification about my post, most likely they'll go check it out. And when they check it out, I mention my site so they go see my site.

That's instant traffic to your site even if your site isn't even indexed on Google! With more traffic, there's always a better chance that someone will click the ad and you'll get some revenue. Some ads on Google are actually "pay-per-view" meaning that even if someone loads your page and the ad is there, you get a portion of revenue. That's exactly how I made my first $0.08. No one clicked my ads, I only had about 20 views on my site but magically I made money! Now imagine if you got REAL traffic! From Google, from Facebook, from Twitter, From Google+, from people sharing your site. The potential is tremendous! This is what motivates me to this day. The immense potential that's out there. This is only the beginning so don't give up now.

You probably haven't finished the Courses yet but I definitely recommend you finish it front to back and complete all the tasks after each lesson. The are a way to take action and put what you've learned into improving your site. It's an excellent course and I just only finished it yesterday.

If you don't know what kind of success posts you should do, don't think too much. Success doesn't have to be a major thing and it's different for everyone. If you never knew how to create a website before and now you did, that's a success! If you never knew how to add images and affiliate links, that's a success! If you learned anything new, that's a success! If your WA rank moves up or you get more followers, those are successes too!

As you can see, just by you starting the course and having your website up is already a tremendous success! So don't be too hard on yourself if you're not progressing as much or you're not at the point where you thought you would be. Building a website is not a get-rich-scheme so it takes time to build. It takes time for search engines to rank you. it takes time to get your website noticed and out there. All of these could take months so you shouldn't expect anything right away.

You're heading the right direction and your WA rank is pretty decent too. Just imagine there's 10's of thousands of users here and in two weeks you're already under 4000! Just keep going through the courses and apply what you learn. Ask people for help or feedback.

We are all here to support each other and want everyone to succeed. You are one of those people so just give it your all and go for it! If you need any help or suggestions you can message me and I'll be glad to help you out.

Wow, this is one of the longest comments I've ever wrote but it was worth it.

Go Marty Go! You can do it! =)