You can Make Money - or Make Excuses.

Last Update: September 24, 2017

“You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both!”

Don't Wait - Start Immediately. Your Better Future Starts Now!

Get your online business started right away. It’s easier to build fast than it is to build slow - so why wait?

Here are some easy steps that are proven to help you win:

1- Begin immediately and follow the simple strategies taught here at WA.

2- Plug into all of the training available

3- Plug into the calls Jay has as well and

4- Ask for help when you need it.

WA's success only comes when YOU succeed.

Keep it simple and never, ever learn to quit.

Success Strategy That Never Fails

Fill out your Why List.

We all have hundreds of excuses for NOT becoming successful or for getting started right away - but we do not have a single reason to fail.

This is essential to your success... Do this now!

1- Write down 10 reasons WHY you are in this business.

2- Select your top 3 reasons.

3- Put them on some 3x5 cards and place them where you can see them every day.

4- Refer to them often and then ...

5- Cross them off as you make them come true.

Once you begin to cross off items on your WHY list, add more…

Stay motivated, and you will win!

If you a have reasons to take action, you will do so – if not, you will get in a rut and you will not move forward. This is human nature.

This is an easy and simple step that almost all winners use to keep moving forward. I have read many books and listened to hundreds of motivational speeches about how and why we succeed that it all comes down to these few easy steps.

It takes 21 days to create a "habit". Begin today to create a habit that could help turn YOU into the success machine you have always wanted to become.

A Final Suggestion ...

Grab a set of headphones. Go to Google and search Les Brown. Look for his speech on being Hungry. Plug in your headphones and listen to this speech. It will set the tone for your new life!

All the best!

Dallas McCalister

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