It's True When You're Passionate About Your Niche, You Can't Stop

Last Update: May 04, 2018

Almost two years ago, I decided to focus on creating a new niche website that focuses on my passion for food.

I used to have a video game site that was making me some pretty decent commissions, but after a while, I just got bored talking about video games.

Fast forward and now the content I create doesn't feel forced.

I do it because I know what I'm talking about and I love what I'm talking about and sharing it with others has become an obsession.

Before it used to take me hours to create a blog post that ranged anywhere from 500 to 1000 words. Now I find myself cranking out blog posts that are over 1000 words with ease.

So if you chose a niche because you thought it was gonna make you really good money, take some time to think about how passionate you truly are about that niche.

And if you could write about one topic for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Remember that that's what your business is all about.

Have a safe weekend everyone!


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teresadixon1 Premium
Sometimes what your really passionate about is harder to write about than I guess it should be , still working at it though I know it will come though . thanks' for your inspiration !
nathaniell Premium Plus
Glad to hear you've hit a groove with your niche, and are enjoying your work. Keep it up Diana. I know you've been working hard all these years!
skendrick4 Premium
Excellent advice!

That's terrific Diana,

I'm new here and look forward to sharing our business passion - paleontology and geo-tourism!

Thanks for sharing your experience!
:) ~Sonja
dlibreros Premium
Hello Sonja and welcome!

I think paleontology is a great niche! I have some knowledge of it, but a blog like yours could definitely educate me more on the subject.

Can't wait!

Best of luck,
It's starting to take shape - feel free to check things out!

:) Sonja