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Last Update: June 09, 2016

I will start to say hi,

When I joined WA, I remember I was so active within the community. Today I read blogs here at least every blog, but leaving a comment is not obvious as usual and that is why my rank declines. Liking is normal. To questions I do not miss answering to what I know.

What I have learn t

If you concentrate most of your time here at WA and forget your website, then I am sorry, making money will be hard for you. But if you are for fun here then you are luck to be here. I joined WA on 2015 March, after 2 months my rank here was top 50. Want I forgot is that your website is money. If you compete to be the best in google and other search engines I promise that is $$$$. Traffic is money. You will be active here ( WA), best rank and forget one thing, a website is everything.But let me say that for newbies here you have to concentrate here, learn all the steps before you get back to your websites. Newbies you are luck for being at WA. Read the questions, blog and every training that you spot here. If you understand this then you are luck: Join ( WA), Build your network, Start your training, Listen to other members, create a website----- relax, and finally start earning from online.

How to succeed even faster

Let us take a typical example of any business out side there. If you locate and open a business to similar ones already in your location, then accept and agree with me that advertising will be faster, easy and cheap for you hence sales will start immediately unlike opening a business in a location which is not similar to yours. After we have understood that, then I mean when selecting a niche compare those ones with a high traffic instead of going to low ones or even without any traffic. This one will be difficult for you to get immediate traffic. My first website, which I even hate up today took me six months to realize a small amount of traffic and I even did not get any sale out of this website. My second website which I like up to today started realizing traffic immediately and after 2 months my sales was good. This website is convincing me the more to stop my current job and concentrate on it from home hence giving it full time. It is a gambling site and a day I don't miss to make good sales. After my application for BETIN KENYA 3 months ago I have referred 600 players to BETIN KENYA. They pay 30% on all loses made by players and when they win you suffer. But football betting is trick nowadays making a clear prediction is another difficult game, I mean losing is high than winning. Money and therefore I pray Kenya not burn football betting as it is now my online business for now.

Thank you God bless you all here, not to forget Marion and Loes who recently assisted me when my only website was listed by google among the vogery website. This is so dangerous

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Lyn79p Premium
Good advice!
AffFranE82 Premium
Hi Divican!

I'm glad your website is doing well and you're earning.
Thanks for the tips. :-)
albinchero Premium
Sorry for that Divican, but we learn from mistakes, if you never got that how would you learn, get a solution and stretch your limit.