My Daily Inspirational Life Prayer

Last Update: April 24, 2015

Dear Lord, please help me to help others where they can't help themselves, but help me not to take over their responsibilities when they need to be taking care of themselves. Please help me not to be a blame, shame, guilt thrower or catcher. I want to own and take responsibility for my unresolved issues and problems. Help me to become the whole and mature person you have envisioned me to be.

Give me the insight to see what changes I need to make in my life and the courage to do what I need to implement these changes. I want to be a more effective Christian and more effective witness to your saving power in my life.

Thank you for your word that contains directives and principles for healing, wholeness and happiness. Give me the hunger to learn these, the wisdom to understand them and the good sense to apply and follow them.

Let me have the insight to immediately recognize those things that are morally wrong and to turn away from them. My desire is to maintain a pure heart and live a life that is pleasing to you

Help me never to use any religious ritual to hide from my true self. I always want to be honest with myself and with you. May my confessions always be genuine so that I can overcome my sins and faults.

In the middle of setbacks and the disappointments of this life, please grant me the gift of persistence. I will never give up the goal of becoming all that you want me to be and keep on doing what you want me to do to promote your message of love.

Gratefully in your ever precious name,

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danbarth87 Premium
This is great, Debbie!
divadebbie Premium
Thanks it's a combination of several prayers I pray daily. Glad you like it.
dhayman Premium
Beautiful prayer Debbie. Amen
divadebbie Premium