The Challenges Ahead!

Last Update: July 30, 2016

As I think of all the things I've got to learn and do in order to build a successful business, it all seems so daunting.

Like a long, sleek, windy road, in an environment that I'm not at all used to navigating.

But there is no comfort in staying STUCK within one's comfort zone, so I went ahead and began building a page. I've not bought the domain which I've decided upon, because I am just not sure if I picked the "right" niche for me. I couldn't think of one, so I thought of a huge desire of mine, one that has not yet been fulfilled, and decided - heck, if I belong to a group of people with this need, why not make this page for that group of people?

The only thing is, I myself, have NOT succeeded at doing the very thing the product I want to promote promises success of. So, since I'm going after "quit..." niche, but have not quit myself, I do not know what approach to take in making content.

Should I try to stick it out with this chosen niche, or should I just go ahead and look for another niche? I fear that if I just drop this one and choose another, then I'll just get stuck again and do the same thing again.

I will continue to be active here, however, and continue to try to break through the wall of self-sabotage and doubt, and, little by little, keep learning, and if choosing another niche will make way for creativity, I will probably end up doing that. But I really don't want to. The niche I chose has a "prophetic" air to it for me, since quitting_____ is really on the forefront of my desires.

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JoshyT Premium
I changed niches after having going pro. I had initially decided on the PS4 niche, because I love playing video games. I also write walkthroughs, and I would ideally like to monetize from them, as have not made a single penny from all the work that I have done over the last 2 years.

After contemplation, I realised that I feel HUGELY PASSIONATE about getting the f*ck out of the drone of the 9-5 for low-income, and that I can write much more strongly and heart-felt about that niche than I can video gaming. My desire is to find success within my given niche, to then be able to quit my job, to then enjoy life again and start a new site on my desired PS4 niche, which at this stage I would like to be a price comparison site for video games and accessories.

Whatever you choose, it must be something you can write strongly about. I've read your articles, and you really do write in a way that connects with your reader, and I know that you feel strongly about your desire to quit. My advice - keep writing the thing that you feel passionate about.

All the best!!
BlairDennis Premium
interesting blog. I am just wondering, why aren't you jumping completely in? what if this is the right niche for you and purchasing the domain and going full force is the key to success??? I feel like you are cutting yourself a little short here, and feeling like quitting before you completely began, unless I am missing a key piece of info, like you have been going at this for a year with no success... why not give it a full shot?
dismany Premium
I've not been going for a year with any program...I have tried quitting...whatever it is the niche I want to monetize...for years. And I can't say that I've found a way to stay clean. But I want to stay clean. And I want others to stay clean, so using that as a niche made sense, and still does. I guess I'm just lost as to the content angle to use in this niche...since I myself am still struggling.
BlairDennis Premium
Well, maybe you can still use the niche, but just change the way you are going about it. I would first blog about your struggle, then go through products and stuff that you have had some success in, so that you can make money off of that. Then I would go and do some blogs and reviews about things that havent worked, so that you can have some validity with the products you do give credit to...

Then when you do find the ultimate product that you excel in, make that your main focal point, but at least for now you will have something to pave the path.. Yours is definitely going to be a docupage (not sure thats a legit word but I hope you get what im trying to say) -and will take a lot of dedication and time but I feel it will be really successful
dismany Premium
Thank you for all of that! Especially for making me look up a word (which one) :D But seriously, I appreciate your input and am taking into account all that you said. For instance, I did, last night, purchase a domain name. Maybe you're right, maybe the having the locale locked in and ready to go will act as inspiration.