Sh** I'm Fat

Last Update: March 10, 2019

I was reading some other blogs on the give and take comment thread.

Then I start reading this one by @steve-jesse.

It talks about working out at home and how to do it even if we don't have the time.

I have the time and just choose not to do it, because I have excuse after excuse. My number one excuse right now is my blog.

I know for myself I use to work out all the time (unfortuneately was in jail when I did), I'd gain some great muscle and depending on how long I was there I came out with a toned stomach ( little 6-pack) but that's because I made it to jail skinny. (I guess that doesn't count)

I'm 30-lbs over weight right now and I do things to keep active like walk the dogs and go for runs and my diet plays a horrible part in my weigh.

I'm writing this to look back in another month setting a goal for myself to see what I can lose during that time. (just hope my g/f doesn't thing I'm doing this for another girl lol)

I'm 43 and want to live a healthy and productive rest of my life and being overweight will not be helpful in doing that.

Anyone else up to the challenge? If you have a fitbit we can link up and do it for fun plus help motivate each other. Let me know.


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Babou3 Premium
It's a good resolution!
There is no need to look like sculptural
photoshopped bodies of magazines, but
you just have to stay in shape to live well.
I wish you to make it happen.

BobMargroff Premium Plus
Hey guys...I’ve got a Fitbit charge 3 that is on the outs. It won’t respond to anything I do, but I’m working on that. I am 220 and supposedly my ideal weight is 135 (I think). I guess being 64” in height has that reasoning behind it.

So I guess you can say I’m up to the challenge. It helps to have someone to hold me accountable.

directJ Premium
Let's do it.
BobMargroff Premium Plus
Jframe3 Premium
Hey Jason,
I am around 210 and I should be 165. I'll get in on the challenge. I don't have a fitbit I could get a cheap one. Good luck. Let's get it done!
directJ Premium
Don't really need to get one I was just thinking we can see each other's progress on a daily basis with the Fitbit I'm 230 and my ideal is 185, that's too skinny for me. Let's do this!