New paths open on fron t of me since I started WA

Last Update: April 13, 2018


I never thought I would end up writing something like this in such a short time but.. Since I started WA I've opened my mind to try something different. I never blogged seriously before (I started a blog and abandoned it after a month or so, that was like 7 years ago!), and as I went progressing through the course and building my blog, I started a new passion which is writting and building a website!

I really love writting but what I love most is to think I can help people like this too.. I need to make the website a bit more known as it's still in the shadows but I'm positive it'll become something big. I am by no means thinking I'll earn hundreds of thousands with it, I think if I can build it steadily and helping more parents out there, the financial compensation eventually will come, but I am not thinking of it as a fountain of wealth, at the moment I'm enjoying it as it is: a source of help.

While looking other ways to make money, as I've got no job at the moment (I decided to finish my maternity leave without going back to work), I'm looking for something that will provide me money but allow me to work around my family.

I started recently a course that a blogger teaches how to create courses to sell online, and while looking for a niche, looking for my expertise that I could try "to sell", it hit me.

Since very young I always liked listening to my friends and giving them advice with things, and I've always been kind of the friend-shoulder to cry on. Even up until these days many of my friends love chatting with me and telling me their problems because they say I'm a good listener and also I always look on the bright side of things, and that I am not scared upon acting when is required.

So I've decided to pursue my next professional career as.. Life coach!

I've bought a couple of books and learn little by little and working around things. I think I'm taking on too much maybe but I'm loving it, also now that my baby boy is one year old and these past weeks he seems to be fine with his Nana and Grandpa, he'll be going a couple of afternoons with them every week (Nana insisted on taking care of my children since even before he was born!) while hubby is at work, so I can concentrate on my own work to do!

I am very excited!! I apologise if this post is so long but I just wanted to thank you all for al the help and encouragement I've received so far.

I intend to continue here within the WA community, it's just now a new phase in my life is unfolding, and I've got the feeling that this is it! Dreams become in many mysterious ways, never doubt of the power of belief.

With light and joy,


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