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Last Update: February 20, 2018

Well, I'm still here and going slow but steady. Baby is already crawling and loving it which I benefit too as he gets tired earlier in the evening and I can do more things around.

My site looks a bit more fuller yet there's some things that I'm not sure if they are looking ok or not, I feel like something is missing. So anyone who wants to have a look and tell me what you think could change for better here's my site

I'm still shy with the twitter account but every day I do just a little bit, I'm not getting used to it but I guess it's about doing it every day and one day I'll feel more comfortable.

I'm two months in WA and so far I'm enjoying it and constantly wonder how long it took for other people to succeed and how did it happen. I think there should be a clear section in the WA stating success stories so newbies like me can go and read them to stay motivated.

This is for me a long term project, I always dreamed of having my own brand but I was never able to imagine how to do it, how on earth I would find the way to it. Well, it's coming, it's taking shape and becoming something.

I also learned these past two months in WA, while doing the course, that I'm capable to write interesting and well written posts. I thought that I wasn't able to as english despite being my mother tongue I grew up using another language (Spanish and Catalan) so it's not 100% perfect. I like writing in a literate manner but my vocabulary is not that wide, not as much I would like it to be, I guess I have to read more books!

Anyway Kyle and Carson, and the rest of WA members who helped me along the way, thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for helping shape one of my biggest dreams.

With a lot of appreciation,

Diosa Ll

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Steagles Premium
Your website looks good. You will get used to it. Just do a little each day, it takes practice and you seem to already have the courage which is great. You got this.
Diosy Premium
Yes definitely takes practice.. Sometimes I feel like I waste a lot of time because I need to be more organized buy because I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing I loose time by doing so much "errands"..
JeannineC Premium
So glad it's going well for you. You can always use something like Grammarly to help with your English if you wish. Best way to grow on Twitter is to participate, not just posting your tweets but commenting on tweets from others. It's just a comfort thing - you'll be used to it fast. Congrats!
Diosy Premium
Thanks! I'll check on grammarly, yet it won't actually solve my lack of word repertoire... Or maybe it will? Anyway about twitter, yes I guess I don't want to end up saying something stupid or silly, I can't erase and rewind..
JeannineC Premium
Yeah, but you can always delete. Unless it was something likely to go viral, you can usually delete it and it will be forgotten fast.