I’ve read something curious today and made me think.

Last Update: February 16, 2018

Hi guys!

I’ve been checking on the internet for ideas and on my newsfeed I found some news that was quite shocking. It made me think what ifs.. Not that I’m worried and scared or put off from continuing my blogging and such. But I can’t stop of imagining case scenarios of, another people that are blogging about tech or internet and stumbled upon this article and wanted to “opinion” about it. Will Google axe them from doing so?

Just wanted to share the news with you and see your opinions?


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AlexEvans Premium
A really interesting article Diosa, Google is a big business and sometimes they overstep the mark in order to protect their position. The good thing is that there are agencies and rules and regulations that protect the rights of the individual.
As far as we are concerned it is good that folks can stand up for themselves and also that they can get some traction and redress.