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Last Update: February 12, 2018

Well... I've just created another facebook account for my blog.. Does anyone know the difference from a FB account to a FB page? I'm wondering if an account is needed to have a page or if a page con go independently.

Also my head is on fire (hopefully I won't fry my brain this time) with a lot of brainstorming. I'm getting excited again after a long hiatus... I want to do so many things and I lack the extra hands and heads that would be helpful to optimise the little time I have for myself every day!

I've been a couple of weeks or so away from posting anything, barely had any free time yet I'm sure I had it I would have posted a few posts by now. Anyway it's done and what matters is what I'm going to do now.

Also I had some lightbulb moments with new ideas for posts... But also it pops the question of how many post would be a healthy habit and how often?

So much information and so little time... Any advice from those who are past the same stage I'm in will be highly appreciated, I'm your new student :)

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Edi67 Premium
Just keeping doing your best, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Much blessings. Edi
Diosy Premium
Thanks Edi67 for your kind words!
Wishing you success,

Diosa Ll
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Diosa looks like you are making great progress, it is so exciting when we are getting underway.
The one thing that we all get is 168 hours a week no more no less, one of the things that can really help us is to plan how we chose to invest that time. So at the start of each week, we know what we are doing and how much time we have to spend on creating that online presence. Best wishes.
Diosy Premium
Thanks AlexEvans for the comment. Yes I think I’ll have to plan my week ahead with a realistic plan. I bought a planner, when it arrives I’ll start planning. It’s going to be great!
keriann Premium
I am new to this, so yeah kind of overwhelmed, but excited! Do not have enough time myself.
Diosy Premium
Don't worry Keriann, excitement and passion will keep you going! It's tough with children and keeping up with house chores and stuff but anyway.. It's all for a greater purpose! :D
Hopefully in a few years time we'll be looking at our projects with pride and with plenty of cash in our pockets!