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This is my first attempt at a Street Article...... fingers crossed lol :-) all feed back and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance. "You want to build your own online business..." The Questions? Where do you go? · You have the desire and want to succeed… but you need help, and don’t know where to start. · You want a Free Starter membership, where you can learn how to build your online business. · You want to earn while you learn. · You don’t have any knowledge, experience,
My progress so far, I have made it through level 2 of the get started training. I am quite proud of my progress, although I work full-time, I have upheld my agreement with myself to do something everyday. It may be just to pop on chat, try and help someone out/ answer a question, catch up with other members. I try to look through the posts and blogs and bookmark all the good ones for later. I also look through and try and help others, answer questions, offer support etc. It may come down to a
November 28, 2013
This is my first blog :-) So don't expect too much lol. I just took advantage of the AWESOME Black Friday deal at WA. I love the deal AND the fact that they calculate how much you have already paid in so its a little less than the $299. It;s gonna make things tight, but it is so worth it :-) I hope you all are able to swing it, its an amazing deal in an amazing place. Maybe on my next blog I can figure out the tags ! lol