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When you feel lost, stuck, discouraged... Reach out to the WA Community.There is a moment when we all feel lost, our minds trick us into believing that we aren't good enough, smart enough, or have what it takes to succeed . Our self-doubt can be deafening blocking everything else out. That's when its time to reach out to people who know what it is like, have been there and have made their way through it. Jump on Live Chat - Ask A question- Create A Blog about what your going through - Find a
Today I want to go over the program details of Wealthy Affiliate. First we'll go over the main menu and look at where to go to find your affiliate link and other details, then I want to show you the Earnings Calculator and how you can estimate how much you can make in monthly commissions, then we'll go through the other program details to get you familiar with them, next, I will show you where to get Affiiliate Bootcamp Training, and then I'll tell you about the Las Vegas Conference and ho
This is my first attempt at a Street Article...... fingers crossed lol :-) all feed back and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance. "You want to build your own online business..." The Questions? Where do you go? · You have the desire and want to succeed… but you need help, and don’t know where to start. · You want a Free Starter membership, where you can learn how to build your online business. · You want to earn while you learn. · You don’t have any knowledge, experience,
My progress so far, I have made it through level 2 of the get started training. I am quite proud of my progress, although I work full-time, I have upheld my agreement with myself to do something everyday. It may be just to pop on chat, try and help someone out/ answer a question, catch up with other members. I try to look through the posts and blogs and bookmark all the good ones for later. I also look through and try and help others, answer questions, offer support etc. It may come down to a
November 28, 2013
This is my first blog :-) So don't expect too much lol. I just took advantage of the AWESOME Black Friday deal at WA. I love the deal AND the fact that they calculate how much you have already paid in so its a little less than the $299. It;s gonna make things tight, but it is so worth it :-) I hope you all are able to swing it, its an amazing deal in an amazing place. Maybe on my next blog I can figure out the tags ! lol