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Last Update: May 06, 2016

I just want to SHOUT OUT LOUD that Live Chat is really Works and Helpful!

I'm a slower learner and I always got stuck and trouble during do the training. Sometimes it took me ages to figure out the steps that Kyle teaching, but I was so shy to ask question, and how to make clear question so people know what I was talking about...... Just so sad.

Just few day ago I had got big stuck on sat up Google Plus Account, it took me few hours to figure out but still got stuck.....I was started to feel miserable. Then I decided to have a go on Live Chat for help.

It took me a while like 5 minutes for someone stop by and help, and the person I had met on that day was Bmontes, and.... my problem had been solved. The next day I had different problem and I also got help by Bmontes.

My friends and especially newbies, I just want to tell you that if you have a problem, go to live chat and SHOUT OUT...... HELP, HELP..... and if no one stop, then shout out loud again HELP, HELP, HELP... I am sure there will be someone stop by and willing to help you.

Now I feel more confident to continue with my journey, since I know that I not alone.

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allisonhites Premium
You're so right. Live Chat is a great tool for anyone, especially when you just have a quick question : )
DiemN Premium
Hi Allison, yes I agree it is a great tool, and not just for a quick question but also a big question as well.
chuka Premium
That's awesome Diem and well done for your persistence. May your confidence continue to grow and shine :)
DiemN Premium
Hi Chuka, thanks for your comment. But yeah, now I start to feel like...WA is big family which we can share and help.