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Hi everyone,I have a website about cooking and now I'm thinking of selling cookware products on that website as well....and so I want to use the different from my cooking theme. Can I do that? If yes, could you all please so me how to do it.Thank you everyone.Diem
Hi everyone,I'm so confusing about keyword, Kyle said that if you have gotten a good keyword you would rank very quickly... But how do you know it is a good keyword..... even though I have use Keyword Tool....I'm still sort of lost.For example.... my website is about cooking recipes......and so how could I find a good keywords for it?Could anyone please give me some advises and how?Thanks you all.Diem
Hi everyone,I just got confusing about: Can I allow to just copy and paste the manufacturers' product description on to my blogs. Or I have to put it in my own words because by copying it becomes duplicate content. Could you all please give me some advises. I'm looking forwards on your suggestions.Thanks you all!Diem N
Hi Everyone, I'm just got stuck again!I just got approved by Flexoffer, but I don't know how to navigate them, can anyone please help?Thank you all.Diem N
Hi Everyone,I'm have been lost, I got accepted both ShareASale affiliate and selected join programs. Now I want to see the actual products to promote on my website but I just don't how.Can anyone help please?
Hi everyone, I have made website on cooking recipes, and I want to add the image onto the google search engine, (If you search on Recipes, you will see some of the posts have dish images next to it, which have made more attention to visitors) and I want to do that but I just don't know how.Could anyone please?Thanks everyone for your help and concern.Diem N
I just want to SHOUT OUT LOUD that Live Chat is really Works and Helpful!I'm a slower learner and I always got stuck and trouble during do the training. Sometimes it took me ages to figure out the steps that Kyle teaching, but I was so shy to ask question, and how to make clear question so people know what I was talking about...... Just so sad.Just few day ago I had got big stuck on sat up Google Plus Account, it took me few hours to figure out but still got stuck.....I was started to feel mise
Hi everyone,I have set up a Gravatar Account, and at the point it said confirmation have sent to the email for activate. I login the but it doesn't work, and I have tried the differnt ways and still got stuck.Could any show me how to login Gravatar Email to activate my gravatar account. Thanks
November 14, 2015
Hi all, I just realized that buy Domain name from Godaddy is much cheaper Namecheap. Go and check for yourself.Bye. DiemN
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Hi all,I haven't done or study much on website for few days. I need to looking for jobs, to get cover daily expenses and continue with the website.I had read other Members' Blog, and I know that it need to take time to success. Therefore I thought to myself I need to work some where while I continue developed my website. It seem harsh, but I will try to overcome it.I just feel like I already love this community, even those I haven't been here long. I like Kyles and his lessons, and all the foll