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The ever growing barrage of emails seems to be getting worse and is affecting all of us as it chews up valuable time and energy. Further, we are having to endure the nonsense of one of our own members who has gone rogue and is flooding our email systems with his, "Great news, a comment of yours.....". It almost feels like that old monkey chasing his tail around the proverbial ....flagpole.The username of the fellow in question is Suphat Pasree. When you get his email, drop it right away. Don'
March 17, 2016
The Problem One of the many things I've noticed since I joined WA is the constant inner battles going on in the minds of many our fellow colleagues. Should I quit? Is it worth it? Can I afford it? Am I capable of doing this? Am I savvy enough? Do I have the skills? The truth is--and this is not just my opinion--that anyone with a sound mind and reasonable health can make it through this program and earn money. Will we all become rich? Who knows? One man's rich is another man's comfortable. But
February 16, 2016
The reasonI was just thinking that I have been here in this marvelous place for over a year. I am way behind where I wanted to be and the one thing that has kept me here is this community. A lot of us have had demons to deal with--family battles, money problems, employment difficulties. You name it, we got it and still we march on.But there is one thing that I have witnessed, we've all witnessed. It's the large number of new folks who come and go without giving it a real shot They just don't u
February 11, 2016
First exposureWhen I was a young boy of twelve, my father was diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors gave him six months. It was a feeling like being slugged in the head and thrown to the floor like a rag doll. I couldn't imagine how he felt. Six months. So we made every minute count.In order to pound into my little head the value of time he took me to see one of his all time favorite movies, "Gone With the Wind". An epic American movie about the Civil War. The primary reason he wanted me to see
January 29, 2016
During my time here at Wealthy Affiliates I have met a ton of terrific folks. Personalities all over the place, nearly all willing to give of themselves and help the new guys and each other. One thing I have noticed that disturbs me though is that, particularly among the new folks, there is a good bit of talk of stress. I've been interested in the subject for years and done a lot of research on the subject. I would like to share with you what I have found.What is stress?There are a ton of defi
November 22, 2015
Today JasonGB is seeking some ideas on how to handle the resistance that comes from being in the program for a while and not seeing the desired results. Well that's one of those questions that's been around for centuries and what I want to do here is pick a few ideas that have worked for me and many others.First I'll repeat what I told Jason. Leoemery in a recent blog included a quote from Calvin Coolidge on persistence. Coolidge was one of our very best presidents and this quote is so hot it w
November 05, 2015
I was sitting in front of my machine this morning thinking about what I wanted to write to the group. Then I remembered that I still had a post from yesterday written by leoemery. I was saving it for a quiet moment because this fellow always has something of value to say. I would urge everyone to bring it up. It is powerful. You can find it here: you know that that is not from a century ago. The following excerpt is, and it and was part of
October 30, 2015
When I was a little boy my dad taught me a great many things and then he died on my twelfth birthday. The teaching abruptly stopped. But one of the most important lessons he taught me was the incredible importance and power in giving.I learned that that giving is a universal principle of support. I think that a great many folks generally think in terms of monetary support and that is fine and perfectly normal. But if by giving monetarily you create dependence or other damage, not so fine.The re
October 05, 2015
When I was a little boy my father was a US Naval Admiral, who much to my dismay at the time, was an avid reader. The dismay wasn't in his love of reading. It was in his unrelenting imposition of his pastime on me.His favorite "weapon of choice" was a poem entitled "If", written by Rudyard Kipling, a British novelist of enormous talent and popularity. Kipling wrote this poem for his 9 year old son who would die on a WW1 battlefield a few short years later.The author's words inspired a nation bac
I was just sitting around, scratching my head and wondering what piece of marvelous wisdom I could shoot into the ether to maybe inspire at least one of my friends here in WA. I came across this one, given to me by Jim Rohn years ago in Dallas. Jim has long been known as America's foremost business philosopher and he was. He's gone now but he will never be forgotten. This was one of his favorites on attitude. Powerful. “If you t