When the Going gets Tough the Tough Get Going.

Last Update: August 23, 2016

"When the Going gets Tough the Tough get Going"

If you look at my profile page you will see that I am a fan of the Green Bay Packer NFL team. I lived in Central Wisconsin during the Lombardi era. Many Lombard-isms came out during that time and are still talked about today.

The one I list in the title is quite appropriate to being successful in Wealthy Affiliate. To be successful and can take a year or more to have your business functioning completely. Below is part of a post I wrote for my website and I thought it would be helpful to members of the community

Think of this:

You arrive at work, and just got a cup of coffee. Your are sitting down to organize your day when Murray’s Law kicks into high gear. One of your co-workers called in sick which means you have to cover for him. An order scheduled to leave the day after tomorrow won’t ship due to a line freeze. One of the components did pass quality control.

Your boss is pressuring you for information which he needs for a meeting with management.

After dealing with these issues all day you get in your car to head home. YOU ARE WHIPPED: YOUR BRAIN IS FRIED: YOU ARE BURNED OUT FOR THE DAY.

Five miles down the freeway the traffic becomes a parking lot. Cars are inching along and you can’t see why. Finally you pass a fender bender that allows traffic to start moving. An hour late you arrive at home.

Your hungry kids are driving your wife crazy and dinner looks more like a 2 alarm fire then food. She isn’t happy because your late. After dinner you help the kids with their homework and then you put them to bed.

Whew things have settled down. It’s quiet and it is time for you to start on the tasks you scheduled for Wealthy Affiliate. Your mind is mush, fatigue has set in. YOU DONE WANT TO DO WA. You want to sit down and vegetate. Excuses come to mind to forget about Wealthy Affiliate. Your tired: You can’t concentrate: You can make up the work tomorrow. What do you do?

If you believe in hard work, perseverance and dedication you do Wealthy Affiliate. This is what it takes to build a successful online business. Procrastination is the trigger of defeat.

There is a reason some people are rich and other people are not. Rich people work harder and do the things other people wouldn’t. They would work 80 hours a week. Work Seven days a week. Spend holidays building their business. All this until the business is built.

Other people don’t do these things. They don’t work 80 hours a week, they don’t work on weekends and they don’t work on holidays.

While there are other factors, that in a nut shell is why some people are rich and some people aren’t. They aren’t lucky; they aren’t fortunate; they worked harder

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MPollock Premium
Thanks for sharing.
KenPe Premium
Great post.An example of what the desire to succeed entails.
Determination and hard work are necessary
JudeP Premium
Great post but just be aware that WA posts are also ranked by Google so if you already have this (or part of) on your site, it could be viewed as duplicate content.