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Last Update: July 02, 2021

No, don't worry, I am not trying to sell you anything, just trying to show you how to add a confident call to action (CTA). Don't hesitantly suggest that your reader may possibly be interested in your recommendation, tell them they need it now!

Don't leave them with room to question your advice, tell them directly that it will solve their problem. It is your job to convince them. If you sound unsure, they will pick up on that and possibly go elsewhere.

Here are some examples of hesitant phrases and how you can be bolder:

I think you might like Product X - You will love Product X

If you decide to buy this - Here's what to do when you buy this

Product X might be suitable for you - Product X is perfect for your problem

If you use a CTA button, don't just add a standard, boring phrase such as "Click Here" or "Buy Now" - make it sexy and inviting.

"Yes, I want Product X now!"

"Yes, I want to change my life now!"

I hope this helps - say it louder, be confident in your product, help change people's lives.

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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Diane,

Those are some great examples of CTAS. I agree we shouldn't use boring ones that don't grab a reader's attention. The ones you wrote in bold are far much better and effective.

It helps with getting a lead, referral, or conversion/commission, so how we phrase CTAS is very important.

Thank you for sharing- well-written and interesting.


GeoffreyC1 Premium
Sometimes its hard to be too forward, but it's what is required.
IamTracy Premium
Great advice Diane - thank you!

Whooeeee , Dianne , when you write , I read ,
Make it sexy, and inviting ,
I love it Dianne
My call to action will ROCK
no more buy it now
Or click here
So that my home work
How to pimp up my
Call to action
Excellent post Diane
Nice one
Lecturer89 Premium
Wow! that's great