Not Sure What Will Happen Now!

Last Update: March 15, 2014

Well my first monthly bill is due here in a day or two and I don't have the funds to pay it! I thought by now I would have found a part time job where I could of made a few bucks so I could continue with Wealthy Affiliate, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen!

It really upsets me because I have worked my rear end off in trying to make this work. Not only that but I have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful people. What happens now? Will I possibly have a few days grace period before I lose everything I've worked so hard for, like my website and my ranking?

I was pretty proud of myself for getting my rank down to where it is in a mere 27 days, maybe that's normal, but every day I dedicated at least 6 or 8 hours here! Perhaps that's why I DON"T have a job, I spent way more time trying to learn the ends and outs of this new endeavor in desperation of generating an income in hopes of Not having to get a job! Kind of an oxymoron huh!

Regardless, I don't have the money to continue, and unless I win the lottery or miraculously stumble onto a pile of cash, I won't have it! if anyone know's what the circumstances are in this situation, would you kindly advise me please! I desperately want to continue with WA and if I have to beg, borrow, or steal the $47, I will! I just need a few days to figure it out! Thank you guys!

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jcfuhrmann Premium
DevoutCowboy, I'm just wondering if maybe going through the Affiliate Bootcamp can get your WA membership paid for sooner. I haven't done that but am considering that because I see my next monthly bill as a hurdle too.
Also, I saw another site, outside of WA where you can get paid to write articles for others. If you put in a bit of writing effort, you could raise enough to get over the Premium payment hurdle.
jcfuhrmann Premium
Another idea - how about finding someone within the WA community who'd like some help with their writing and would pay you for it?
RaineyC Premium
Do you have anything you could sell on eBay? I'm cleaning out closets and funding my membership here with ebay funds so that I don't have to touch my current business budget.
I have a membership I could use but fiverr doesn't pay immediately.
devoutcowboy Premium
I appreciate your suggestion Rainey, but unfortunately I have exhausted that avenue. I've sold or pawned everything of value I owned! After I lost my business to a fire 6 years ago, I lived on my savings until it was gone, and after that is when I started pawning everything. And since my wife and I cannot work, because of our health, we're pretty much at the end of our options. This is why I'm so desperate to be successful at Internet Marketing, it's literally our last avenue for income.