A Soldier's Vigilance

Last Update: March 26, 2014

I often think of what a soldier envisions as he courageously waits to board the aircraft that will take him to his appointed destination. Is he fearful or plagued with the thought that he might not ever return to his treasured loved ones he so abundantly loves. Or is he. or she so mesmerized from all their training that their focus is exclusively on the task at hand.

I frequently put myself in their position so I can halfway understand what's going through his or her brave mind. It's the least I can do other than pray for their safe return. Fortunately I have not had to surrender a son or daughter to this gruesome conflict they call war! But for the many that have, my heart and prayers are with you till they all come back home safely!

Here is a short video tribute to their courageous decision to engage in this dreadful engagement of conflict to protect our freedom! Come home safe...........and soon!

Thank you for your time and for reading.


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UrbanJoe Premium
Nice touching Video
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Great video!
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Yes mam, it is! Thanks honey!