What Are You Thankful For This Year

Last Update: November 28, 2013

Just What Do You Have To Be Thankful This Year For

More Than You Would Ever Think.

Most of us will eat good, but how many of us will really thank the lord for all he has given us?

How many lives were given to enable us to be free to have a thanksgiving and feast?

Now that puts it in a new perspective doesn't it?

Well here is what I am thankful for this year.

Hello Robert here, wow! here I am with a custom fashion website that I have spent over 3 months building and tweaking, researching loads of information. To enable me to offer the very best website that I can offer to my clients and vistors. I was not so sure about this at first. I was stepping out on new territory that I have never tried to accomplish before. I was very nervous about compiling all these stores onto this website. So many agreements to read and agree to. But here it is online and rated good in the search engines. I am truly thankful and surprised all at once. Many thanks to wealthy affiliate for everyones help

Which brings me to my subject I want to talk about Thanksgiving.

All of us truly have a lot to be thankful this year for. Many of us have good health and some of you may not. Do you go hungry at night most of us have more to eat than people elsewhere. Do we have a roof over our head, do we at least have a car or truck to drive. I am quite sure that most of us have to say yes to this right. But you know what we still complain about things don't we. Myself included.

What about freedom we all have that and that is the biggest thing to be thankful for. You don't have nobody trying to kill you, for how you look or feel towards things. Or for your opinions on issues with government or religious beliefs right.

Can you imagine in other countries you can't say anything about how or what you don't like about the government without getting put in prison or getting shot for what you said. In closing there have been a lot of good men and women lay their lives down for all of us, so we could have freedom to live a life without getting in trouble for what you think or say. So we can all be thankful for this for sure.

My last point is we do have freedom of religion we all have our own ways of worship. So with that being said my biggest thing that I am thankful for is God's son Jesus Christ who laid his life down on a cruel cross to die for our many sins that we commit constantly as we all are human and not perfect. Yes and we don't any of us know it all either. So I am thankful for Jesus going to that cross for me to pay my debt in full, and to give me a eternal life to live in Heaven with my lord and savior. If you would like to know Jesus and except him as your savior. Then look on the website menu and click in the do you know Jesus page.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving

Thanks - Robert

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