Fashion Tossed Salad Finished - Thanks To All Of WA For Help

Last Update: October 06, 2013

Yes finally got threw with the whole complete website Sunday night. It has totally amazed me on how well this has come together. I really need to thank all of you who have helped me along the way. The website is called fashion tossed salad and am striving to make this a user friendly shopping site also information and blogs dealing with fashion and giving a fashion designer's point of view. I have a whole virtual shopping mall here split in to different departments to make for easy shopping, I have at this point and time about 70 affiliates on this website. I also have a page promoting Wealthy Affiliate to get new members. Check out the site it is still sitting on Google first page. This website has just amazed me ever since I published it. the url is

Thanks Robert - designerman

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That's awesome