Big Boys DO Cry. sometimes.

Last Update: February 14, 2016

Good day everyone...

There is a myth in circulation that REAL men don't show emotion... and they most definitely never, ever, ever cry.

What father/grandfather I wonder doesn't get a lump in his throat whilst watching The Railway Children? You know the part... when Jenny Agutter spots her dad through the swirling smoke and steam on the station platform with her heart rending, "Daddy, my Daddy".

I mention the above, simply to draw a parallel between the emotion that I feel when receiving help and guidance from WA members who answer questions and queries and, in many instances go to great lengths to do so. I am truly touched by your responses; your words of encouragement and positivity are truly enlightening.

I fully appreciate that folk here are busy doing their own thing - that's why I always type my query into the help box to see if there's already a post that answers my question - yet, despite your industriousness, a reply is usually promptly forthcoming.

May I take this opportunity to humbly acknowledge all of you lovely people where ever you may be, for putting yourselves out to assist us newbies; I hope and pray that one day my knowledge will be sufficient to assist, guide others, and give encouragement in return.

May your god/goddess be with you all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Onwards and upwards.

Respect and sincerity, Derek -)

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RaeAnnePond Premium
I agree with you about the incredible support of our community. I've never come across anything like it. Makes me tear up sometimes too.