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Happy New Year 2016 to my all friends here. I wish this new year bring Happiness to all them including me :) :) :)I thought this New Year I will get chance to meet Kyle and Carson as an super affiliate. However, although I'm able to make more than 2000 referrals, still I didn't able to make targeted sales with very less margin. So, now I'm 100% confidence that I'm gonna meet WA team in next year conference because so far I can see that those referrals who have joined 6 months before as free mem
Here in WA we have community of Wealthy People who are at least earning some good amount online. Disaster can occur anywhere, anytime. I personally feel if we can do something in order to help those victims in Nepal who are suffering from major earthquake recently.I think if we (WA community) try to help them, we have best power, that is our website because most of our successful member have good website traffic. If we can gather fund and deposit it in one account (WA account or any other accoun